Tools & Resources

This section of the site has important resources for using this site and learning more:
  • Training to become a preparator – Learn about the skills and training necessary to become a fossil preparator.
  • Professional Development for Preparators – Read about some of the developments for practicing preparators.
  • Health & Safety – Access health and safety information on the following topics:
    • Dust and ventilation
    • Chemicals, solvents and hazardous fumes
    • Tools and equipment
    • Radiation
    • General (allergies, ergonomics, attire)
    • Field safety
  • Glossary – Find definitions for many of the technical terms used throughout this site.
  • Links – Quickly access links to many of the organizations and web resources listed throughout this site.
  • Bibliography – Download a comprehensive bibliography on topics related to preparation and learn more about the references used in creating this site.
  • Acknowledgements – find out more about the people who contributed their knowledge and expertise to this site.